Buy Me

Us, buying your lettings business

There have been an unprecedented number of changes to our industry and there are yet more to come.

The business model we run is different to the usual Agency model and because of this, we can squeeze more ‘juice’ from the same opportunity by offering clients more services. If you’re looking for the highest monetary offer for your business [who isn’t?] then our  offer would usually achieve that. Certainly we would usually beat any ‘corporate’ offer.

If you’re considering your exit strategy, we would like to buy your business, we should talk.

Let’s set up a time to have an informal discussion, there’s no obligation on your part, and any dialogue will of course remain strictly confidential.

After that initial meet, if it were something you would like to consider further, we could enter a more formal process and discuss values and timescales. We have a process that protects both parties until a decision to proceed is agreed, we realise confidentiality is a key element of early stage discussions.

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