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Property can be the ultimate lifestyle business.

Growing a portfolio, then managing it, takes time, effort, and skill. You will need help – no one person should attempt this all by themselves, there’s too much at stake.

Landlords often feel that they are doing things right but getting professional input will produce vastly better results. We are here to make the property investment dream come true for landlords who are open to being taught a new way of working.

We want to put a smile on your face. We want you to have some fun and enjoy being a landlord! We want to teach and inspire you to build your empire because we know it will give you the time and breathing space to be able to say: “life is good”.

I’m Jesse Fossey Taylor and I set up ForTheLandlords.com because I used to be a miserable landlord!

That’s right. I spent ages muddling through before I learned how to be a happy landlord and run my portfolio with ease. Now it’s my mission to help other landlords do it better.

I started this business back in 2010 at the point where I had grown my own portfolio to over 100 buy-to-let properties already. Since the early days of it being just me sat around my kitchen table, we’ve grown to a team of over 20 with offices across the Trent, Humber, Don, and Mersey regions.

Running ForTheLandlords.com has enabled my team and I to help thousands of landlords to find buy-to-let success. Helping them to Find, Fix and Rent property and then manage their empires in a stress-free way.

We are proud that when we invest in areas where there were once run down, poorly maintained and sometimes dangerous houses, there are now decent, safe and affordable homes for long-term renters.

More than doubled my money!

6 Stars!

Hey Jesse. Hope you are good. Just wanted to say a big thank you as I managed to remortgage Catlow Walk for £120K! Pulling out just over £40k! Who thought buying a house for around £50k would more than double in a few years…ah yes, you did! Lol

Hoping to invest again with you at some point. Really appreciate your help.

Sanjay Patel

I sing your praises to everyone!

I’d suggest 6 stars!

I have worked with ForTheLandlords for about 2 years now. I had brought through similar companies before but never had such a seamless, efficient and profitable collaboration. ForTheLandlords source the property, project manage the renovation, source and manage the tenants. If I have any problems they are at the end of the phone or email and are always helpful and friendly.

For me the thing that sets ForTheLandords apart is that even if my query is not your department, you take ownership and ensure that someone is directed to assist.

I sing your praises to everyone that I meet and have directed several people to go along to one of your Discovery Days.

I’d suggest 6 stars! I’m very pleased with all my dealings with you.

Paul Disley

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