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  • Raj Dhillon

    Raj Dhillon

    Landlord Of 3 Years
    Raj Dhillon

    I have been a landlord with forthelandlords.com for 3 years now and within that time i have secured 3 properties 2 HMO's and one BTL.

    If you want a hands off experience with no headache and a professional service then this is the company for you .

    They can help you with all aspects of the property business from mortgages to final refurbishment.They have done renovations for me and have had a very professional team and everything went smoothly and i was kept informed the whole way.

    I was really impressed with the way my BTL was renovated and found a long term tenant straight away.
    My HMO has had a great occupancy rate and when one tenant leaves the room is filled very quickly.

    I would definitely recommend their services to family or friends due to their 5 star service.

    We only work with people we have met, and it would be nice to see you. Of course, you need to own at least one BTL property already and it needs to be in an area we are operational in.