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  • John Stiles

    Discovery Day
    John Stiles
    Not Rated

    A chance conversation with a colleague at work, who mentioned their friend had recently bought an investment property through yourselves.

    The frustration that I keep saying to myself, I’m going to do this, I am going to do this and not actually getting around to doing this. Eventually made me bite the bullet. To hear about a company that can support investors to get going with their aspirations was the key for me.

    The fact that you are ‘real’, that you appear to be genuine and passionate about what you do and that it feels that I have the opportunity to become part of a wider team by investing in property with yourselves and your letting business.

    One key message that I think I could relate to and want to build upon was something Jess noted about ‘regenerating areas’ and turning poor housing into good housing. I think this helps me feel that I am adding value to society and not just using money to make money.

    If I can see this works then of course, I would recommend this day to anyone