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    The Success

    Read some of our Landlords success stories

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  • John Noble

    This is the company for you!
    John Noble

    I walked past the ForTheLandlords.com sign in Nottingham where my parents live and gave them a call as I had just started building my portfolio and my interest was piqued.

    After a few phone calls I was invited to Adam’s house, he did not need to do this. I met his family and he answered all my questions.

    Adam is an asset to the company. He responds promptly and answers questions that are probably not even in his job description.

    I watched all of Jesse’s videos going back to 2018. He provides more value on BTL than any other channel and I have watched many.

    Now I am ready to invest with them.

    I have used other companies to source and refurb properties for me and they never came in on budget, these properties do.

    If you are serious about building a property portfolio and you have the patience to stick to the long term plan, this is the company for you. They have sourced properties for me, refurbed the properties and rented the properties and I have never visited the property. The fact that there is a company you can trust to do this process for you on time and on budget is ridiculous. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. So far everything has been accurate.

    The properties were quickly let and are fully managed. As it stands, I have had no issues.

    Why did I write such a long review? Because anyone who is going to invest 100K+ will read this. I read all the reviews and I hope this helps you make a decision - whoever you may be.