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    [Pulled] out just over £40k! Who thought buying a house for around £50k would more than double in a few years...ah yes, you did! Sanjay Patel


    Maintenance problem dealt with the RIGHT way! …went over and beyond what is expected. 5 stars all the way. Gevy Vega


    I highly recommend the team at For The Landlords. I’ve been with them since 2017 and have purchased a number of properties so far. I don’t have the time (or experience) to source, renovate, rent and manage - I’m keen to invest and get a great return with as little effort as possible. Paul lakin

  • Ian hill Discorvery day

    Discovery day Success
    Ian Hill of West Sussex

    5/5. I liked the fact that you have a transparent process and honest, experienced people who do not have to sell. The fact that you are not having to 'push' the proposition fills me with confidence that you know what you are doing and only want to deal with people that are right for you. I specifically appreciated you transparency and honesty.

    I would definitely recommend you to friends as your business gives me confidence that they would be treated well, and not let down.

    I had been aware of your company from YPN Magazine for a few years but was not ready to invest until now. I make a lot of decisions on gut instinct about the people involved and I confirmed to myself that I like both the setup, systems and the people involved.

    I am looking to invest in the very near future and will be using you.