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    The Success

    Read some of our Landlords success stories

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  • Ian Garvin

    "would recommend to anyone thinking to start a property portfolio"
    Ian Garvin of London

    I had been looking to buy a property near to me in London for a while, but realised that my pockets were not deep enough. Buying in the East Midlands has been a good decision, but too far away for me to be hands on. So having ForTheLandlords to find, fix and rent it, has been brilliant.

    I was a bit nervous and worried about different aspects of buying and renovating, but ForTheLandlords have got a wealth of experience from the hundreds of properties that they have dealt with, and very soon I knew I was in safe hands.

    Apart from a few quick emails and calls, ForTheLandlords did all the work for me.

    I would recommend this service to anyone who is thinking of starting a property portfolio, it will save novices from making expensive mistakes. 5/5