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  • Gevy Vega

    Management & Letting Of HMOs
    Gevy Vega

    For the landlords have for some years handled the letting of our HMO properties in the Midlands, together with the dealing of any issues arising from the letting and management of the properties.

    What sets this company apart from all the rest is the professionalism of their staff and their efficient processes. There are no issues too hard to deal with when it comes to our properties. What we also appreciate, is that they continue to embrace new technology to make it easier and more user-friendly for property owners like us to deal with paperwork and legal requirements. More importantly, they do not rest on their laurels but continue to strive for best practices in their industry.

    Furthermore, we have always been highly impressed by the courteous and speedy manner in which they have dealt and looked after matters at our properties. Living in London and being located quite a distance from the Midlands and the properties we own, we have relied greatly on their services and have valued (and trusted) their advice and guidance in much of the management and letting of our HMOs. After these many years, they have not let us down and have consistently demonstrated fantastic service. The company has been invaluable to us and we hope to continue our relationship for many years and unhesitatingly recommend them for their service.