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  • Gevy And Robert maintenance

    Maintenance problem dealt with the RIGHT way!
    Gevy Vega

    Ryan went over and beyond what is expected. 5 stars all the way. We have been wanting to install a smart meter with our energy provider for a very long time as it will eliminate guesswork and the inconvenience of manual readings. Unfortunately though, the installers for some reason or another have been unable to install it in the first 2 appointments. Ryan, although it was such a big inconvenience for him (i.e having to wait for an engineer to call at any point within a time-slot of 6 hours), was patient, understanding, and very professional about the whole thing. He continued to work with our energy company until we finally got the meter installed after the third go! This would have not been done without perseverance on his part. We never heard a single complaint and he always made himself available. He even called our energy company and got us a £30 refund as the company incorrectly charged us for the second attempt installation. All in all, Ryan went over and above what was expected and we are very grateful for the amazing service we received. To this day, he continues to provide us with great service (we had a boiler issue recently). We feel he is a great ambassador for the agency brand as he provides us with friendly professional service and peace of mind. This is why we trust Forthelandlords. Great company, fantastic people. Keep up the great work!