“The first 50 properties are always the hardest.”

“That’s what I remember thinking after my first year building my own property portfolio. I had a 5-meter long counter set up in a back room and I had piles of paperwork that I moved physically from one end to the other for each property as I found, Fixed and Rented them. It took up a lot of time, I made plenty of errors and, to my surprise, it was hard work building a property Empire.

Over a decade later and I’m happy to say that the counter top has been replaced with a CRM system. We have teams of people finding property, contracts managers to fix them and lettings professionals to do the renting and management.  The business has developed into one of the most innovative businesses in agency, has a laser focused mission [Find, Fix, Rent, Teach and Inspire – Build Your Empire] and is converting Landlords across the UK to a new management philosophy.

I know that property investing is the best long term wealth creation strategy on planet earth for all sorts of reasons, some of which you may not have considered.

If you’re considering growing a property portfolio I’d love to share my experience with you. What I found in the start is that it’s what you don’t know that ends up costing you, in lost money, time and heartache [and it’s not the money you’ll regret the most].

We hold these days to share exactly what you need to know to build a portfolio, how to do it reliably and predictably and also, importantly, how to run the portfolio for your benefit, long into the future. “

It’d be great to host you and hopefully Inspire you to build your Empire.

Jesse Fossey Taylor – Landlord. Founder. CEO.

Who Is This For?

This day is for you if you’re tired of sitting in hotels being sold at, and ANY of these apply to you:

  • You are a busy professional looking to invest £80,000 pounds or more into BTL.
  • You own BTL property already and want to be introduced to a new kind of management philosophy.
  • You want to learn exactly how to build a BTL portfolio yourself.
  • You want to find out more about us before possibly starting a business relationship.
  • You are an existing client, want an ‘refresher’ and to run through an Orbit review.
  • You are a potential Franchisee and want to put yourself onto our Heat-Map
  • You just want to be inspired.

Your Time is Valuable

Our customers travel from all over the UK to come to our Discovery Day, many from the South of England. I realise that a day is a large commitment, so I make sure that our property investment workshop gives as much useful and relevant information as possible. Not only do I share my battle-tested systems for creating equity in a property deal, I show you the systems I use to buy, refurbish and rent out properties.

We Give You Answers

If you’re like most property investors, you might have questions that we can answer on our Discovery Day, and we always pause to answer questions. If you’ve got a burning question about what to do next, come along and ask it.

We’re open book and tell you exactly what you need to know to massively grow your portfolio.

  • “What yields are achievable today?”
  • “How do I know if a discount on a below market value property is real?“
  • “Can I do this while I run my other business / keep my day job?”
  • “Where does a savvy investor look for property?”
  • “What is best for me – HMOs or single lets?”
  • “How do I reuse my deposit to buy multiple properties in today’s market?”
  • “What are the numbers and the timelines?”

Where Is It, How Long Will I Be There?

We hold our Discovery Days at our office in Nottingham – we’re a short walk from Nottingham train station, which is under two hours from St. Pancras International by train.

It’s a small session – we host our investors in our boardroom and that gives everyone time to look under the covers of a successful portfolio builder.

We take you to see a few local projects in different stages of renovation so that you can physically see what we do in a property to make it competitive in the rental market and also what we don’t do to keep more money in our investors’ pockets. We believe that seeing what we do in action is better than showing you pictures because you can see it for yourself.

The session starts at 10am and we usually finish by 3:30pm.

Most of our attendees leave with a clear picture of how to grow their portfolio quickly and reliably and get home by dinner time.

Are you Going to Try to Sell Me Something?

We’re not going to sell you any books, webinars, or VIP coaching programs after the day. We build portfolios for ourselves and our clients.

Not everyone who comes to meet us wants to work with us, and we don’t want to work with everyone who comes to meet us. For us to develop a working relationship, it has to be mutually beneficial, and we have to get along.

There is no obligation to work with us afterwards.

How Do I Book?

There is a box for registering interest below to come and visit us. One of our team will get in touch to arrange the best time for you and us. You can always give us a call on 0115 824 84 84 and we can arrange something if you just can’t wait.

What Do People Say About Our Discovery Days?

“My favourite part of the day was visiting the finished property”

Amanda T

“Very friendly and welcoming”

Charlotte L

“My favourite part was viewing the properties”

Imran H

“5/5 Would recommend to others”

Pawel K

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