We are not a traditional lettings agent, we not only manage property, we help people build their property Empires too.

Property, invested in and managed ‘Right’, is the best thing an individual can do to secure their financial future. However we know most Landlords aren’t as happy as they could be and they don’t own as many properties as they’d like. We want to fix that.

Based in the East Midlands, it is our Mission to Find, Fix, Rent, Teach and Inspire a new breed of Landlords to do it ‘Right’. We can teach you how; do it for you; or mange what you’ve got already – With equal enthusiasm.

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Your portfolio is probably smaller than you’d like, you shouldn’t beat yourself up about that. Finding the right property isn’t easy.

Let us change your life. Build Your Empire.


Fixing property is tough. Most lack at least one of the vital ingredients: Time, Skill or Inclination, so lean on us.

Our Vision: Proud Landlords, Happy Renters, Better Communities.


You are a Landlord already, but you don’t love your business like you could. Be a new type of Landlord.

Have us Manage Your Portfolio.


We Find, Fix and Rent property for our Landlords. We can do it all for you, or Teach you to do it yourself.

You can make a business of this. Buy our Blueprint.


We Create and give away useful, insightful, occasionally witty but always inspirational content every day.

We want to inspire you. Keep in touch.

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  • We create and give away useful, insightful, occasionally witty but always inspirational content.

    We want to inspire you. Keep in touch.


  • We will also do our best to keep you inspired by giving away useful tools and occasionally witty but always insightful content.

    We want to support and inspire you.