Hand-Hold is the product that makes us unique. A service to Find, Fix and Rent a
property for Landlords without them having to do it themselves. There is nothing else
like it in Agency.

Building a property empire is hard work. Finding, Fixing and Renting a property takes Time, Skill and Inclination most people don’t have.

Often the opportunity is far away from where you live. Hand-Hold saves you time, effort and money. We put boots on the ground in areas of the UK you might not have access to.

The team responsible for delivering the Hand-Hold service are led by highly successful Landlords themselves, their skills honed from building their own empires.

Ours is a tried and tested system we have used over and over again to Find suitable properties that slot neatly into a Landlords portfolio. It’s so easy that most Landlords go back and do it all over again. The task requires some effort on the Landlords part, but we do all the heavy lifting and you will be rewarded for your determination.

Importantly we are going to make sure you have fun and you are going to enjoy being a Landlord. It is our mission, through Hand-Hold, to regenerate 1100 homes by 2025 with a combined development value of over £137Million.

The positive impact of regenerating buildings, streets, even communities will put a smile on your face. Making a difference to the lives of Landlords, Renters and the communities we develop. We are creating homes where there were once houses and we want you to be part of that.

You have an open invitation to come see us, we think meeting in person is important and it would be our pleasure to host you. You will need about £80,000 to invest in Hand Hold.

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  • We want to support and inspire you.