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There is property opportunity everywhere and ForTheLandlords.com are always looking for the types of property we think Landlords should be buying. We keep a Property Opportunity heat map of the UK, to help plan our expansion.

Our Hand-Hold operation is called the “Blueprint office” inside ForTheLandlords.com HQ because it serves as exactly that, a ‘Blueprint’ for our Hand-Hold Partner offices.

The ‘Blueprint’ office has brought in hundreds of properties for our Landlords, but it is not the exclusive supplier of Hand-Hold services. If it were the only supplier of Hand-Hold, then we’d quickly run out of property or be overstretched on our commitment of having boots on the ground close to every front door we manage.

Hand-Hold Partners deliver the balance of the Hand-Hold properties.

Our Hand-Hold Partners are Landlords themselves, and they have taken on the commitment to run their own business. They do that /Hand-Hold Partner work alongside the job of growing their own property portfolios and they are perfectly placed to do so. Often only Landlords have the requisite skills to invest for other Landlords, to spot the opportunity and, most importantly, to grab it. This innate skill is something they have already proved they have by becoming a Landlord.

We study the data on our UK heatmap and identify an area of opportunity. Our HQ based Blueprint office moves in and opens something we call an Outpost, where they base themselves finding, fixing and renting property.

As soon, as momentum at the outpost builds we appoint a Hand-Hold Partner to work alongside the Blueprint office to learn our systems and processes. This close working ensures success for the /Hand-Hold Partner and quickly builds the outpost to a critical mass of tenancies managed.

The Blueprint team and Management continues to work with the Hand-Hold Partner until the outpost becomes big enough for us to establish a Landlord-Lounge in the area.

Running a Hand-Hold Partner business is good because, they get the support and training needed to not just be good, but to be great. For themselves and their clients. Their own portfolio comes on leaps and bounds under our umbrella, they benefit from our systems, processes, economies of scale and Management.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Hand-Hold Partner, express interest or alert us to an area you think we should be opening an Outpost, get in touch.

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