Updated 12th May 2020: Academy Days are on hold during lockdown. 

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A day like no other.

We spend the day at a current project, a single let property that we have just found, fixed and are about to rent.

We work through that property from before it first came on to our radar, to the moment you are standing there in the fully renovated property. Then beyond that day, to how we find a Tenant, measure and manage a tenancy plus finance to re-cycle funds and start to Build Your Empire.

We unwrap our internal processes right in front of your eyes, the granular detail is yours to take away because we give you our paperwork. That’s not watered down ‘property education’ paperwork, but the paperwork we use to run our successful business.

You won’t be in a hotel conference centre, you’ll be in the kind of house you need to be buying as a successful landlord.

You’re not doing the theory, you are doing the practical.

We cover;

  • Getting organised
  • What is a deal?
  • Where to find a deal
  • Booking and conducting viewings
  • Pre-offer surveys
  • Cost of works calculators and deal stacking
  • The offer process
  • Conveyancing
  • Purchase due-diligence
  • Writing schedules of works
  • Finding builders
  • Contracting with builders
  • Managing builders and suppliers
  • Controlling time, cost and quality on a project
  • Snagging
  • Re-financing and recycling cash to do it all over again
  • Planning, measuring and management for your success

We follow an old fashioned Tell, Show, Try, Do method. All the while working in a group small enough to be able to ask questions and get the answers you really need. It works. You will understand.

We bring the classroom to you, the house has all the IT screens and desks we need to maximise learning time. You are kept well fed and watered so energy levels don’t sag.

You open the files and go through our processes step by step. We tell you what we did, why we did it and most importantly how we did it, then we show you our paperwork trail for that project before you try it yourself. All in the live setting of the property we are discussing. You can literally touch the things we are talking about.

The day starts at 9.30am sharp, you will need to be on site at 9.00am to avoid missing out on anything. Exact location TBC and varies course to course.

The Charge for the Day, including our paperwork, processes and systems on thumb drive, lunch and refreshments is £500 +VAT per delegate.

Delegates can book to return for £200 +VAT per day. Repeating the same day is an ideal way to receive ongoing support and can provide the ‘training wheels’ you need through your first project, just bring your questions.

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